Muscat de Rivesaltes

A sweet wine made from 100% late harvest Muscat petits grains and fortified with pure alcohol.


Beautiful aromas of honeysuckle, elderflower and Turkish delight. The palate is sweet but not cloying. Flavours of dried apricots and a touch of honey.

Food Matches

Locally this is taken as an aperitif but it forms a fabulous combination with blue cheeses, foie gras and deserts that are not too sweet themselves.


  • Vineyard : Sustainably farmed gritty clay.
  • Vines of 12 years in age. Yield 40 hl/ha
  • Hand-picked and sorted. Transported in small caissettes.
  • No acidification or chaptelisation
  • Fermented in stainless steel at 15 °C for 6 days and fortified with pure ethanol to block the fermentation and retain 105 g/l of residual sugar.
  • Fined with bentonite and filtered twice before bottling.
  • Bottled in 50cl bottles and sealed with high-qulaity natural corks. 
  • 2000 bottles made


I only make the Muscat de Rivesaltes in certain years when conditions are perfect.

2009 is the last available vintage and is drinking very well with some lovely dried fruit and nut characters developing.

2006 was the previous vintage and is developing a more ethereal character.


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